Michiko YOSHITAKE manager, producer

Born in Tokyo and based in Paris, from where she has been active in cinema in many capacities since the 1980s. JOURNALISM: Correspondent for Kinema Junpo, the world’s oldest film magazine. ACQUISITION: Working with distributor Eurospace, she introduced the early films of Leos Carax, François Ozon, Cyril Collard, and Nicolas Philibert to Japan. REPERTORY SCREENINGS in Japan of films by Jean Eustache, Straub & Huillet, and Jacques Rozier. COORDINATOR for French-Japanese co-productions Tokyo Eyes (Jean-Pierre Limosin), Pola X (Leos Carax), Criminal Lovers, Waterdrops on Burning Rocks, and Under the Sand (François Ozon). Michiko Yoshitake is a founding partner in production outfit Comme des Cinémas. In 1998 she met the Japanese director Nobuhiro Suwa, with whom she worked on the films H Story, A Perfect Couple, Paris Je t’aime, and Yuki & Nina. After producing the films TOKYO! and Yuki & Nina for Comme des Cinémas, she founded her own company FILM-IN-EVOLUTION in 2009.



Catehrine CADOU  partner, film-maker

Well known within the film world as interpreter for all Japanese directors who visit France, for the Cannes film festival or the promotion of their films. She has served as voice for KUROSAWA Akira, OSHIMA Nagisa, IMAMURA Shohei, KITANO Takeshi, MIYAZAKI Hayao, KAWASE Naomi and many others, as well translating and subtitling their films. She translated two novels by NAGAI Kafu and numerous short stories. In 2005, she shot a self-financed documentary about life in Kiba, a blue-collar neighborhood of Tokyo where she has had a house for over 30 years, entitled Kiba, Tokyo, Micropole. In 2010 she developed the idea of a testimonial film in honor of the centenary of the birth of KUROSAW Akira. This idea became Kurosawa’s Way, selected for the Cannes Classics section of the 2011 Cannes film festival and broadcast on CINE + (formerly CinéCinéma) in September, also invited for Tokyo International Film Festival in October of that same year.



Kyoko SATO  partner, video-artist

Mainly active as a translator of Japanese literature into French, including YOSHIMOTO Banana’s Kitchen and others, Yasushi Inoue’s The Blue Wolf (nominated for the Prix Féminin 1999), UNO Chiyo’s Confessions of Love, and FUJINO Chiya’s Chatty. She also translated into Japanese La vie possible de Christian Boltanski. In 2000 she directed a film about this giant of contemporary art, entitled Christian Boltanski: Ce dont ils se souviennent. Her video work has been part of Luigia Riva’s dance performance Inrimessa, in 2000 in Milan, Rome, Paris, and Tokyo, and of the group installation Autour de l’Arche in Marseille in 2003. In 2006 she created Jardin Noir at the Mori Yu gallery in Kyoto, and the following year she showed Hommage à Kantor and Dans le parc... at the Théâtre du Châtelet. She completed her second documentary film I walked in the night that begat the light - Thoms Gleb in 2013.


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