The choice to be for or against nuclear power is no longer just a question of economy, or even of ecology. It is a moral and ethical question that we must ask as human beings. Most importantly, we as humans have no right to make use of something we cannot control. Fukushima is proof of this. Nuclear power plants have become like roaring monsters that have gone beyond our control. Even if we were to turn a blind eye to the circumstances of an earthquake followed by a tsunami, we should not forget that there still exists no solution for the treatment of radioactive waste! At the moment, it is “reconditioned” and buried in the ground, or even released into our oceans. These are hardly what one would call solutions. Our irresponsible behavior saddles future generations with gigantic quantities of this poison capable of killing every living thing on this planet. Nuclear waste remains radioactive for thousands of years!! Why do we continue to produce this unhealthy form of energy in spite of all the well-known negative side effects? Unfortunately, this is merely a matter of money and power. The nuclear lobby hides behind the illusion of economic growth (a growth at all cost!), while it gains exorbitant amounts of power and money. Their dominant position allows them to influence the public into believing that nuclear power is indispensable – which is a lie. Not nearly enough investment has been made into developing alternative energy resources. And this is even ignoring the very real danger of the covert development of nuclear weapons. In any case, this planet offers us many renewable sources of energy that are there for the taking: solar, wind, water, or geothermic. This energy mix can be adapted to any geopolitical situation.The only escape from a nuclear future is an awareness of the issues in all of us.



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