The projects below are being developed

in France as French or European films.

The directors will shoot their films in France and/or Europe

with French and/or European cast and crew. 

 We are currently looking to set these projects up

as co-productions.





project : “CONSOLATION 

                                                      director : Kazuyoshi KUMAKIRI

genre : Thriller Drama / nightmarish fantasy(fiction feature) 


                        This project is being developed with supports

                                       from CNC, PROCIREP and ANGOA




Lily (13) loses her father in a car crash, which leaves her mother hospitalized. She is left to her own devices in the large, lakeside family mansion. In her father’s study, she discovers documents that shed new light on the past of her older sister Luna, who died 12 years before. One day, Lily finds a man locked in the cellar of the boathouse. His name is William, the main suspect in Luna’s murder. The young adolescent is quickly up in circumstances beyond her control, which leave her no choice but to head forward into maturity.



Shooting script : 2014

Production : 2015

budget : 2 000 000 EUR


Trailer of  his latest  movie "My Man" :

Best film and Best actor at  Moscow International Film Festival 2014


The director will reside in Paris, Décenbre 2014 - August 2015 with a grant from the Japanese government (Agency for Cultural Affairs).





director : Yuki KAWAMURA

genre : Documentry


* Yuki Kawamura obteined "Louis Lumière programe" of l'Institut Français






The unforeseen meeting of a visually handicapped Russian film-maker which realizes a full-length film of fiction and a seeing Japanese film-maker who participates in it as comedian, but also as director who makes a documentary on the first one. A conversation between them, who exchange and converge thanks to the images.


⇒ Autumn 2014, the director goes location hunting with his protagonist, Alexander Montov in Siberia and St. Petersburg.




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