I walked in the night

that begat the light - Thomas Gleb


a documentary movie by Kyoko Sato


© 2013 Koko Sato, FILM-IN-EVOLUTION


in association with Centre Thomas Gleb


48’ - HD 3/4


summary : A portrait of the Jewish-Polish artist Thomas Gleb  

(born 1912, Lodz – died 1991, Angers). This film follows the life of a man who experienced the great changes of the 20th century first-hand, notably in Poland and France. It shows how this eternal exile found a way to construct his own identity and find his place in the world through his art and the people he encountered. Following in this astonishing man’s footsteps allows the director to explore the past and the present, and to come to terms with Europe, the continent that inspired her for so many years in Japan, before she decided to move to France.


The preview took place on March 21st, 2014 in Areliers Varan in Paris


About Thomas Gleb :


Carmelite’s Chapel – Niort

 ( a work of Thomas Gleb )


(a tapestry by T.Gleb)


(a tapestry by T.Gleb)

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